Event Highlights

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Welcome to a Complete Event Experience

Global Blockchain Show brings together a spectacular line-up of speakers, exploring topics that are critical to the future of the Web3 ecosystem, bringing together the industry to explore future opportunities in this space.

But that’s not all.

A dazzling mix of learning, networking, social and experiential events have been incorporated into the mix to ensure that the global and regional Web3 community have the best possible debut event experience.

Browse through our sections below to explore all that we have got in store for you from 16-17 April, 2024 here in Dubai.

Blockchain Arena

Immerse yourself at the main stage for our incredible Headliners, Keynotes and unmissable debates on the evolution of the digital ecosystem, data protection redefined in, blockchain in enterprise and finance, gaming, Metaverse and NFTs, as well as DeFI, decentralized AI, scaling blockchains, and global regulations

Blockchain Innovation Hub

The exclusive Blockchain Hub will stage advance applications, case studies and industry spotlights

Startup Village​

The Start-up Village is an exciting dedicated hub at the heart of the Global Blockchain Show where start-ups and scale-ups will have the chance to power pitch their innovative ideas, tech and creations to investors, VC’s and big tech.

Gen Z Stage

Meet globally renowned influencers and leading voices across blockchain at the Gen Z Stage, where top names dissect the trending topics and open the floor to ‘where next’ as they shape the narrative and future of tech through their powerful platforms

Community Stage

It’s a melting pot where diverse perspectives converge to sculpt the industry’s trajectory.Unveil your community’s brilliance and engage with a global audience alongside industry luminaries.

AI Arena

Immerse yourself at the main stage for our incredible headliners, keynotes and unmissable debates on groundbreaking AI, AI governance, AI in healthcare and finance and a future with AI. Embark on a journey into the future with futurists, government officials, scientists, business leaders and mavericks as they unlock the limitless possibilities of AI on the main stage.

AI Innovation Hub

The exclusive AI Innovation Hub will stage advance applications, case studies and industry spotlights. Dive into a world where AI is not just a concept but a groundbreaking force reshaping industries worldwide. Experience firsthand how AI is reshaping the industry landscape, empowering retailers to thrive in an era of unprecedented digital transformation.