Gen Z Stage

Shaping the narrative.

Gen Z Stage

Meet globally renowned influencers and leading voices across blockchain and AI at the Gen Z Stage, where top names dissect the trending topics and open the floor to ‘where next’ as they shape the narrative and future of tech through their powerful platforms.


Can one person create a billion dollar company with A.I
Sam Arami, Founding Partner, The A.I Clubhouse



How to use content creators, Gen Z and influencers to change the narrative
Move aside because the voices at the back are getting louder. From being a portal to discover hot and
happening tools and innovation, to revealing hacks on repeat, influencers have the power.
Getting real world and end-user insights on trust vs fear debates of Crypto and Generative AI.

Malak Albaw, COO & Global BD, Blank

Andrew Wildera, Content Creator
Alexandra  Founder, Out of Ordinary

Vaibhavv Ali, Co founder, Kryptonite UAE

Networking Break


Evaluating bullish and bearish trends in crypto
With a lot more honest assessments accessible, do you go bullish or bearish on certain projects? Get the down low from transparent information creators on trends in the Crypto world.

Djamel Khalfaoui El Khallil, Founder of Algeria 3.0 & NFT Logic Collection
Dr. Theodoros Christodoulou, CEO, Lab4crypto

Adel Bhurtun, CEO & Founder, Traders Brawl


RWA: Tokenizing the First Trillion
Delve into the realm of real-world asset tokenization as we embark on the journey to tokenize the first trillion. Explore insights and perspectives from transparent information creators on the evolving landscape of crypto trends

Sam Cassatt, Co-Founder, Lay3r
Sanjeev Birari, Founder, Zoniqx
Caleb Lim, VP of Growth, Helix
Joe Flanagan, Co- founder, Maple Finance

Scott Melker, Influencer


Gen Z's approach to financial freedom
Sujal Jethwani, Founder, GrowRex



The Role AI & Crypto Play in Consumer Facing Applications

Potential consumer-facing applications that will seamlessly integrate both crypto and AI, revolutionizing sectors like finance, e-commerce, and beyond while enhancing user experience and functionality.

Azi Mandias - Co-Founder & CEO Zo
Lex Sokolin, Generative Ventures
Varum Mathur, CEO Hyperspace
Michael Heinrich, Co-Founder & CEO 0G Labs

Alexis Johnson - Co-Founder & CEO Light Node Ventures


Altcoins and Memecoins": Are they taking over the 9-5 jobs?

Sjuul Follings, Founder & CEO, AltCryptoTalk

Adel, CEO & Founder, Traders Brawl

Stage takeover by Shardeum


Can one person create a billion dollar company with A.I
Sam Arami, Founding Partner, The A.I Clubhouse





The labyrinth of easily accessible AI tools has opened a portal to new possibilities and cheats to
doing better, faster across a multitude of verticals, from marketing to business-building. The world’s
best AI influencers who regularly share hacks, tips and secrets to their millions of followers, join us
live on stage for the hottest conversation. Their platforms have not only grown AI users through
awareness of new tools, but created a ‘go to’ for their followers on 10 x results with AI tools, from
online business revenue to mastery of marketing and sales.

Networking break


With everyone engaging more and more with every scroll on social media and new bridges being built that
make previously guarded worlds accessible to everyone, discover how the tech curve is changing with social
media input and output and why important conversations are shifting from stages to socials


Empowering businesses and individuals with accessible technology



Join the discussion on Influencers X brands: success factors for collaborations and partnerships


Want to know the top ten commandments of a social-first brand? Learn the impact of letting Gen Z take the
reigns and how to sustain momentum across audiences by projecting brand values through influencers and
content creators

Networking break


Get behind how to use social media intelligence and how to harness this power to build an in-house social
intelligence capability, scale it organization-wide, and master both mainstream and untapped data sources to
democratize the use of these insights. Optimize your marketing tech stack to deliver actionable insights from
TikTok and social media platforms.


Discover how major AI and Crypto brands are ‘influencer amplifying’ and leveraging social media to increase
touchpoints and converting influence to clicks and clicks to conversion.


GenZ Theme

Get in on top conversations

  • How crypto exchanges are excelling at onboarding affiliates.
  • How to master the art of navigating affiliate marketing in this dynamic environment with invaluable insights into leveraging affiliates to drive growth and engagement in the blockchain and crypto space.
  • The non-negotiables of brand-building in the crypto and blockchain space, what are the ultimate hacks to getting ‘seen’?
  • How can brands, startups and scaleups 10x their ability to get investment?
  • What is the secret to forging successful strategic partnerships and maximizing brand impact and how can you master the redefined the art of collaboration in the digital age?
  • What are the ‘must have’ components to elevate your expertise on crafting authentic brand experiences and unlocking new opportunities in the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing.

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